General Flynn’s Latest Interview With “His Glory Ministry” Is Eye-Opening

Everyone’s favorite General Flynn spoke some much needed truth in his latest interview.

In an interview with the hosts of His Glory Ministry, Gen. Flynn dived deep in various different topics such as our faith, the 2020 election, and the capitol riot.

Gen Flynn also encouraged us American’s to start studying our Constitution and Bill of Rights being our schools and universities are no longer teaching it.

The Marshall Report provided this transcript of the interview:

“Our nation is in a massive transition right now. It’s historic. And it’s not unlike other transitions our nation has faced in our past, transitions after great wars. We have been in great depressions. We have been in great tragedies that our country has gone through to include assasinations of presidents and such. Those type of monumental and historic events that cause us to reflect on who we are as a country. And what I would offer to this group and to all the listeners today, that as we face what it is that we are about to endeavor into, here in the next few weeks and next few months, and probably years, we have to reflect on what it is that we believe in.

“What do we as individuals believe in? In my case, I believe that we stand for, above all, above all the God given freedoms as individuals. Our constitution is not based on collectivism. It’s based on individualism, and it’s based on individual liberties.

“As you highlighted there Jim, you raised the constitution itself. Very few people even read the constitution these days. Schools barely talk about it. We’re lucky if we have a public system, and I’m not sure if private schools start the day with the pledge of allegiance to this country, which is a way to culturalize the students at the earliest levels in something to believe in that’s greater than even the education that they’re gonna get on that particular day.

“But our Bill of Rights as it was written, as it was documented and bled for, that bill of rights and our basic constitution is based on individual rights that we have. Those are not collective rights. Those are things that I, as a citizen of the United States, are God given Freedoms.

“The one thing that nobody can take from an individual is his or her ability to think for themselves, Right? That is a God given freedom that we have. Whether we’re chained up somewhere against our will, or whether we are deciding to step into the path of a bullet to save the life of a fellow soldier or fellow Marine, or whether we are stepping into the now, witnessing the very sort of political machinery that is happening in our country.  And we have a lot of people in our country, million, millions, tens of millions that have woken up and now see that we cannot take for granted anything that we’re given.’

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