In 8-1 Supreme Court Ruling John Roberts Is The Only Justice To Side Against Christian Students

Here’s more proof that shows Chief Justice John Roberts is part of the deep state.

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of two Christian students from Georgia Gwinnett College who were denied from spreading the gospel and distributing salvation tracts on campus.

In an 8-1 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that the case was not moot and the two Christian students could go back to court seeking a formal judicial ruling in their favor.

Who was the one Justice who decided to vote against the Christian students?

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None other than John Roberts.

NPR covered the story and had these details to share:

For the first time in his nearly 16 years on the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts has filed a solo dissent. In it, he bluntly accused his colleagues of a “radical expansion” of the court’s jurisdiction.

At issue was a case brought by two college students at Georgia Gwinnett College who were repeatedly blocked from making religious speeches and distributing religious literature on campus. They sued the college, claiming a violation of their First Amendment free speech rights.

The college soon caved, agreeing to abandon the challenged policies and pay the students’ legal fees. But when the students sought to continue their case, on the grounds that they had asked for nominal damages, the lower courts dismissed the case as moot.

Now, however, the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise. In an 8-1 vote, it declared that because the students had also asked for nominal damages of $1, the case was not moot and they could go back to court seeking a formal judicial ruling in their favor.

“Nominal damages are not a consolation prize,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the court majority. “Despite being small, nominal damages are certainly concrete. … a person who is awarded nominal damages receives ‘relief on the merits of his claim.’ ”

In his dissent, Roberts noted that there “are just a few problems” with the students’ desire to continue their lawsuit.

“The challenged restrictions no longer exist,” he said. “And [the students] have not alleged actual damages.”

The case, he added, is therefore moot because there is no live pending legal question.

John Roberts clearly doesn’t stand with Christians and his vote proves it.

CNN covered Robert’s dissent too:

Chief Justice John Roberts, untethered from his usual position in the Supreme Court majority and dissenting alone on Monday, fired back with an arsenal of sarcasm, derision and his own alternative view of history.

“The Court sees no problem with turning judges into advice columnists,” Roberts wrote, as his eight colleagues decided that “nominal damages,” even $1, could prevent a case from becoming moot and keep it alive.

“For those who want to know if their rights have been violated, the least dangerous branch will become the least expensive source of legal advice,” he wrote in one of many biting turns of phrase as he dissented.
For Roberts, who took his seat in 2005, it was the first time as lone dissenter in a dispute argued on the merits before the justices, according to SCOTUSblog, which analyzes data on the Supreme Court.

Ever since Roberts became part of the “Black Eye Club” his rulings have gone against Conservative and Christian values.

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