Meghan Markle’s “Palace Racism” Story is Starting to Fall Apart

New details that just came out are casting big doubt on Meghan’s story…

Well, it looks like Meghan’s claims that her son Archie was treated differently due to “racism” is coming into question now that some key details have come out.

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Here’s what Meghan and Harry claim:

Meghan and Harry say that someone high-up in the Palace was worried about the dark skin color of Meghan and Harry’s son Archie. And they believe this is why Archie Mountbatten-Windsor doesn’t have a prince title or a personal security detail.

Oprah flat-out asked the couple if there was Palace “concern” that Archie might be “too brown,” and Megahn said that was a “safe assumption.”

Harry jumped in and validated Meghan’s “safe assumption” by saying that at the beginning of his marriage to Meghan he was told she wasn’t going to get security because there was not enough money to pay for it. Harry then went on to say that there were “some real obvious signs before we even got married that this was going to be really hard.”

Um, maybe they just didn’t like her because she’s a mean, pushy lady, Harry? Her skin is whiter than mine, and I am Eastern European, for crying out loud.

Of course, the duo didn’t reveal who supposedly said these racist remarks, but the damage was already done – the toxic couple painted the Palace as being a bunch of backwoods white supremacists who excluded Archie from “normal benefits” and “normal privileges” of royalty simply because of the color of his skin.

However, there’s a big problem with that claim – it’s not based in reality.

New details have come out to prove that Meghan and Harry’s children being biracial has absolutely nothing to do with Archie not receiving HRH titles.

The rules the royals follow today in regards to titles and security were established back in 2012.

Harry and Meghan were married in 2018 and Archie was born in 2019.

From National Pulse

The only great-grandchildren of the queen who hold Royal Highness (HRH) titles are William and Kate’s children George, Charlotte, and Louis—i.e., those who are the children of future monarchs. The fact that George, Charlotte, and Louis are all styled princes and princesses is due to a 2012 Letters Patent from Queen Elizabeth declaring that all the children of the eldest son (William) of the Prince of Wales (Charles), not just William’s eldest son, may receive the titles. The children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would become eligible for HRH titles upon accession of the Prince of Wales.

Meghan and Harry’s purported expectation that Archie would have an HRH title at birth was not protocol—it was their desire. But even technical explainers in lifestyle magazines were swiftly updated with the new guidance effective 3/7/2021: that Archie is not a “prince” because of racism in the Palace.

Harry, the grandson of a Monarch upon whom the Crown was unexpectedly thrust at age 25, claimed during the primetime special that he was “trapped” in his life as a prince—and that his father and brother still are.

When asked whether he would have left the royal family if not for Meghan, Harry replied, “I was trapped, but I didn’t know I was trapped. But the moment that I met Meg, and our worlds collided in the most amazing of ways and then [I began] to see how trapped within the system, like, the rest of my family are. My father and my brother, they are trapped.” (Historically, members of the royal family can and have left, at the expense of titles and financial privileges. Meghan and Harry’s specific grievance is not that they couldn’t leave the royal family, but that they were required to foot their own expenses, especially private security, after withdrawing as senior royals and moving abroad.)

So, Meghan’s claim that Archie was looked over for titles and security detail solely because of his skin color is apparently not true.

Now, I don’t know what was said by anyone in the Palace, nobody does, since Harry and Meghan won’t name names – that person – if they do exist, has no opportunity to defend themselves, and as a result, the entire Palace looks like a bunch of racists jerks.

Harry the “lapdog” should be ashamed of himself for doing this to his family. It’s truly a “Judas” move.

Meanwhile, the Palace is investigating several serious claims that Meghan Markle was a “bully.” And there are an additional ten people who are willing to come forward and testify to her abusive treatment of staff.

Gee, could THAT be why people didn’t like Meghan? Does it always have to be about skin color with these people?

Yes, of course, it does, because Meghan is a liberal feminist – a woman who is in a perpetual state of victimhood.

Meghan is claiming all of those claims people are making about her are false, and the Palace is just trying to “smear” her.

Well, that’s an awful lot of people making these claims, Meg…an awful lot.

The bottom line is this: there were already protocols in place for how children would receive titles and security. This was not made up on the fly for Meghan and her son.

So, that part of Meghan and Harry’s story doesn’t add up. Certainly, Meghan and Harry “wanted” their son to have a title and security, but it didn’t turn out that way because of the protocols and procedures that had been set up a decade ago.

The bigger question now is – what else is untrue that Meghan and Harry said?

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