No Folks, This Is NOT John Durham!

Ok folks, I guess I have to address this.

So I’ve recently been challenging everyone to think critically and do your own searches to see what you can find about John Durham.

It started when I sought to find video of the man speaking.

There was none.

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Then I searched for photos and found there are only 4-5 photos on the entire internet, and they look photoshopped and the same people are in the backgrounds.

For someone so famous, so high profile, the man who “took down” Whitey Bulger and has been a prominent federal prosecutor for decades….this man has exactly ZERO videos existing of him and only 4-5 total photos?


I find it really weird.

But for one person it is their 15 minutes of fame.

A guy by the name of Eric D. Kirk has a YouTube channel where he posts little satire/comedy bits.

The man oddly enough happens to look exactly like the image they are telling us John Durham allegedly looks like, and hence the 15 minutes of fame.

When I challenged my 10 million per month readers to investigate Durham and find ONE single video where he exists, everyone started sending me this:

That is not John Durham, that is Eric D. Kirk in a Saturday Night Live pitch skit he recorded.

So I told everyone that is NOT John Durham.

Yet many of you continue to send me that video.

Realizing he was now famous, Eric D. Kirk then made the video below in response to my articles where he claims to be John Durham:

Look, I don’t want to rain on the guy’s parade.

I love satire and comedy, I just didn’t particularly find any satire or humor in the video.

It’s more like he really wants to convince people that he is John Durham and confuse the issue.

Today he released yet another one, where he calls me out by name (thanks for the shout out):

I repeat, this ☝️ is not John Durham.

Look, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer.

I love jokes.

I love comedy.

I just don’t get the joke in making these videos and confusing people.

I get that you quoted a bunch of movie lines including Liam Neeson from Taken and Joe Pesci from Goodfellas.  That’s kind of funny I guess.

But what’s not funny is when my email blows up from people thinking that John Durham just made a video.

Read this that I just got this morning (sender’s name I am redacting):

That person believes John Durham made that video. 🤦‍♂️

You see, that’s just not funny to me.

Same with these comments posted under the video:

This person thinks they are talking to John Durham.

Or this one, from Eileen who says she’s on her last nerve and thinks she’s truly watching a video of John Durham….that’s just not funny to me:

Or this one where she thanks “John” for all his hard work and “Eric” replies…..come on people!

This person gets it, and Eric D. Kirk seems to be calling all of you idiots which I also don’t think is particularly funny:

Original Article Follows Below…

I’ve been covering a REALLY weird story about John Durham recently.

No, not the fact that he resigned.

And not the face he is reportedly staying on as Special Counsel.

Both of those things are old news.

And kinda boring.

No, I’m talking about why a man with such a storied and PUBLIC career does not have a single video existing of him anywhere online.

I’m not talking about videos about a certain topic or recent videos or videos of his personal life.

No, I’m saying not one single video of the man exists online!

Oh, and only 4-5 pictures exist of him.

That’s it.

A man who has led such a long and storied public career, and it’s as if he doesn’t actually exist.

Yes, I’ve read his bio.

Yes, I’ve seen his Wikipedia page.

Yes, I know he is the man who allegedly took down Whitey Bulger.

Yet not one single video can be found.

And please, if you do nothing else, read this…..

From the Hartford Courant:

“You have Bull Durham, who is supposed to be the toughest,” Trump said over the telephone during the show. “I’ve never met him. Never spoke to him. But he’s supposed to be the smartest and the best, and he works for Bill Barr, who is a great attorney general. We would maybe have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally. You have some people who are great people now – patriotic people. They love our country.’’

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