Timothy Dixon: 3 Whirlwinds In Atlanta, Major Arrests Start In AZ and GA

As I have always done with this channel, I report, you decide!

Timothy Dixon is a big rig truck driver from the south who has been sharing the recent prophetic dreams and visions God has given him.

I love covering these AHEAD of time, not in the past-tense.

So I share them and we watch and see what happens.

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You need to listen to this whole thing because I can’t possibly summarize everything he says.

You can skip to about the halfway point which is where it really starts.

Listen as he says three major whirlwinds (tornados) will all touch down in Atlanta at the same time, and he says these are real tornados, not a symbol or spiritual tornado.  Real.

Watch and see if it comes to pass!

He then talks about the arrests that will follow soon after, with many heading for lifetime prison sentences.

Just watch the whole thing here:

And as he says, you really need to go back and listen to the entire original “whirlwind” video to understand this one.

So I found that and I put it here for you.


What are your thoughts?

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