[VIDEO] Dan Bongino Goes on Hannity to Announce His Biggest Victory Yet

Dan Bongino is a warrior. He’s been fighting for President Trump, America First, and free speech on social media for a long while now.

And through all of this, he’s been dealing with a very personal tragedy – Dan was diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment, and all of us were praying non-stop for his recovery.

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Well, those prayers have worked, because last night Dan appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and shared the best news ever.

Dan told Hannity that he now has a clean bill of health.

Dan beat the odds, and he’s now healthy as a horse.

This is the best news ever.

You can watch the video below:

Thank goodness we have Dan fully back in the game because we need him.

This great news coincides with Parler being back online as well.

It looks like Dan is sitting in the best position to buckle down and destroy the communist agenda.

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