[VIDEO] Remember When We Had a POTUS Who Fearlessly Confronted Reporters Like This?

No fear, speaks clearly, and was the #1 boss of the fake news press 😂

Remember when we had a president who was fearless, spoke clearly, and took on the press like a warrior?

Those were the days.

Now, it’s the complete opposite.

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I think we’re on, or nearing day 50 of Biden not holding a press conference.

It’s some sort of “Guinness World Record” at this point.

Joe can’t handle questions – he can barely deliverer prepared words typed out on a giant teleprompter.

e’s a mess.

But it wasn’t always this way – we had better days not so long ago…

I happened upon a video clip of President Trump that captures those better days…Here he is running up on the media like a BOSS!

When I saw this, I knew you’d love seeing it again.


This is definitely a CLASSIC…It’s one for the record books…boy, do we miss (and need) President Trump.

Can you imagine Biden being able to do this – address the media in such a bold, funny, and commanding way?

Nope, it’ll never happen. He’s getting worse by the day.

It’s so ridiculous that we have a so-called “president” now, who can’t even engage the press on his own – and if he can’t do that, what else “can’t” he do?

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